International media art project SHIFT / Robert Seidel from ganaart gallery on Vimeo.

International media art project SHIFT / Rafa?l Rozendaal from ganaart gallery on Vimeo.

International media art project
Seoul Square Media Canvas
Robert Seidel, Rafa?l Rozendaal

The contemporary arts now witness a new trend of ‘shift’ which takes place with various experiments and generation-changes including genre development, the collapse of existing sectors, caused by emerging new media. The exhibition of is an international project that intends to show both those shifts between cities and, media together. Centered on Seoul, this event connects and shows works from the artists who are working in New York and Berlin, both of which are widely known as major cities of media art. In New York, Rafael Rozendaal who opened a new area of web art presents his works and Robert Seidel who worked for installation art using media art and organic forms (objet) shows his new art, all of which are displayed on the Seoul Square Media Canvas in Seoul. Their exhibition will be transmitted in real-time by CCTV through Internet. In the society which makes it possible for anyone around the world to watch and enjoy the arts that freely shift from city to city with the help of Internet along with the shift of art media itself, what does such various ‘shift’ mean? With introducing the works of the two artists who are concentrating on making their own creative arts world in the media art as the form of solo exhibition, the audience will get the recent trends of global media art. The woks of the two artists are shown through Seoul Square Media Canvas from November 22, 2013 till January 18, 2014. They are also available on (

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